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  In order to keep competition superiority, this company has always focusing on R&D, innovation and releasing new patent products to meet the market every year.
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Established in 1984,with total company area 166,000m2(249mu) , area of structure 150000m2. Jinjiang Dexing Leather & Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer , exporter of WPC products. c accWe are a high technology enterprise focus on R&D,producing, sales of WPC products. The Company is located in Wuli technology park,of convenient transportation-only 15 minutes to the Airport(JINJIANG), 10 minutes to Jinjiang Nan Expressway 15 minutes to the Train Station(NEIKENG,JINJIANG). In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of 18th CPC National Congress ,Actively respond to the Party Central Committee called on China realize great dream, Vigorously promote the enterprise culture, for providing exhibition, propaganda , show them to the community platform for effective painter & calligrapher, the company now is would like to recruitment , contract a group of painter & calligrapher in the mean time. 一、 Sex:Male Age:More than 35 years old Needs to provide Resume. 二、 The painter needs be good at paintings about character, landscape, flowers & birds, etc. provide 4 paintings. 三、 The calligrapher needs to provide the one of regular script, cursive script, official script , seal script 四、 Candidates once hired needs sign a contract for 5 years , more with our company. Those who signed a contract with the company’s painter , calligrapher will enjoy the following benefits: 1. More than 120 thousand annual salary 2.The company will regularly exhibition, publish album of painting, contact collectors , recommend them to the auction company for sale Please send your works , resume by email to:china@cn-dexing.com Contact:MS/Liu TEL :0595:88029991 Dexing Leather & Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd
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